10 Predictions for the 2015 Giving Challenge

July 31, 2015

GivingChallenge2015LargeForPrintEvery year we are asked how much money we think local nonprofits will raise in the Giving Challenge through donations, matching dollars, and grant incentives combined.

A really easy answer: we don’t know. The uncertainty is both exciting and anxiety provoking, isn’t it? Anything can happen in 24 hours!

With this year’s focus on new donors from The Patterson Foundation and with other new grant opportunities offered through the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, William G. and Marie Selby Foundation, Manatee Community Foundation, and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the possibilities are amazing to consider.

And although the total amount of money raised can understandably be a focus in the Giving Challenge, so many other positives that benefit our community’s diverse organizations are generated from their strategies and planning.

Here are 10 predictions for the 2015 Giving Challenge:

  1. Donors will see that a $25 gift can really make a difference.
  2. Videos that make us laugh, evoke profound emotions, showcase familiar faces, and feature impact will be created and will spread across social media platforms like wildfire.
  3. Board teams will come together in unprecedented numbers to actually have fun planning their fundraising campaigns.
  4. Some nonprofits will co-design unbelievably creative partnerships that will result in new possibilities for working together in the future.
  5. Business owners will align with nonprofits like never before to help them raise more money, meet more people, and gain more traction.
  6. Nonprofits will use the Giving Challenge to boost their current fundraising campaigns.
  7. Donors will give to organizations they have never before supported, and those organizations will start developing meaningful relationships with them.
  8. Clients of nonprofit programs and their families will be inspired to donate and will encourage others to do the same.
  9. Our community will be know as the “Region of Heartfelt Thank You Notes.”
  10. #GivingChallenge15 will dominate Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

What do you predict for your organization? We hope that enjoying your Giving Challenge campaign planning is in the mix!

Have a great weekend.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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