Getting in the Fundraising Groove: The Floor is Yours, Board Members

March 3, 2014

saturdaynitefeverThe culture of giving at your nonprofit organization starts in one place—with your board of directors.

It is the job of all individual board members to make personal monetary contributions each year that are meaningful to them–ideally without having to be asked.

Further, participating in fundraising activities is paramount. Inviting colleagues to your events or purchasing seats, introducing your organization to prospective donors, making personal calls to thank major donors for their gifts, signing acknowledgement letters, and recruiting support from local businesses are all ways board members can participate in fundraising.

Of course, it’s especially wonderful if your board members can secure gifts for your organization as well.

An opportunity to step into the fundraising groove may not get as much fun as it will be during the Giving Challenge. When your volunteer leaders showcase their support for your organization, others will follow. Here are a few ways your board can lead the pack with all the right moves.

On May 6 at noon through May 7 at noon, board members of your organization can…

  • Make donations to your organization on the Challenge website.
  • Share the word that your organization is participating in the Challenge and ask their own networks, online and offline, for support.
  • Thank donors who are making gifts to your organization during the Challenge.

Super engaged board members can also…

  • Act as social media ambassadors for your organization, keeping up with your progress on the Leaderboard and posting on their personal Facebook pages.
  • Host gatherings in their homes (or other locations) during the Challenge to share support for your organization and encourage others to give.
  • Serve on a Giving Challenge Task Force with your Giving Challenge Team Leader to help your organization plan and execute its strategy.
  • Engage their businesses in the campaign to support your nonprofit during the Giving Challenge.

So how about it? How will your board step up to support your organization on May 6 and 7?  The floor belongs to them!

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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