Super Bowl Ads and Philanthropy: Let’s Get Busy

February 2, 2014

I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl collaboration between U2, (RED) and Bank of America. The partnership is bound to be an incredible cause marketing accomplishment for Bank of America, raising dollars and visibility for the Global Fund on AIDS and a heck of a lot of love for U2 as millions download a free version of their newest song, “Invisible.”  Learn how it’s all working here.

While this campaign is one we may only be able to dream of, perhaps there are some serious gains we can make from studying the success of the partnership itself.  If you comment on this post with your takeaways, you may just end up with a small donation to your nonprofit.

So what about those highly anticipated commercials?  I contend there is a lot we can learn from these 30 second spots pushing everything from cars to Doritos and “wonderful” pistachios.

Over time, commercials have become a staple of the Super Bowl diet because of the creativity and humor we know we will find. There’s an element of surprise. We are entertained.  The messages are simple. There are clear calls to action.  We don’t have to think too hard about what we are being asked to do.

As we think forward to the 2014 Giving Challenge in May, let’s consider how these very elements can engage our audiences. We know now that donors and community philanthropists will be bombarded with messages urging them to give. So consider now how your messaging can transcend the generic, “give to us, just because we are asking.”

Although you don’t have a $4 million budget, you do have the power to craft your story with imagery, a simple message, and some creativity.  You might even consider what humor could do for your cause.

This week we will share some great takeaways from a session on social change communications led by Ann Christiano at the Florida Philanthropic Network’s statewide summit. Until then, enjoy the Super Bowl, indulge in the success factors behind those commercials, and explore ways to harvest their genius for your organization.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


One Response to “Super Bowl Ads and Philanthropy: Let’s Get Busy”

  1. Jennifer Vigne Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Yes, creativity and humor do indeed work as does a genuine, heartfelt message. My vote goes to Budweiser – #Salute a Hero.

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