Is your nonprofit a friendly ghost, a black cat, or a good witch?

October 31, 2013

catHappy Halloween, nonprofit friends!

Is your organization dressed up in any of these costumes today?

  • Hot Costume! The Black Cat
    Has your organization fallen victim to a robotic donor engagement strategy, doing special events in the same way as all the others, or describing your programs and services using generalities? Or are you creative, resourceful, and specific in your efforts? Be The Black Cat! Stand out!

  • Old Tired Costume! The Friendly Ghost
    Are your websites, social media platforms and Giving Partner profiles up-to-date with the newest success stories about your programs in action? We recently learned from Derrick Feldmann that the biggest turn-off for younger donors is old, crusty information about your nonprofit online. Don’t let your online presence be a ghost of your nonprofit’s past.

  • Hot Costume! The Good Witch
    Witches have wands, as everyone knows. Wands have a way of making things happen. And the results tend to be very visible, at least in the movies. Walk around in full character as The Good Witch, with your wand in hand at all times so that your focus is on your outcomes. Convey your results to your donors in lively stories using the real people, animals, or places you are helping. (And don’t forget to drop them in “examples of program success” in your Giving Partner profile.)

May your haunting this evening be fun and safe, without spooking your donors.

Happy Halloween!

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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