Can everyone at your nonprofit answer these 10 questions?

August 16, 2013

If you can answer these questions, it’s a good thing. If everyone on your staff and board can answer the questions in the same way, that means you have achieved great (and rare) discipline in your key messaging.

  1. What is your organization hoping to achieve over time–what’s the “end game” here?
  2. What specific methods do you have in place to measure your success?
  3. What are two compelling illustrations of your organization’s success in the last month?
  4. Is your organization’s board actively engaged? How?
  5. What are your three biggest sources of revenue?
  6. What are your organization’s five greatest needs?
  7. What plans and policies does your organization have in place to direct its strategy and operations?
  8. How will a gift of time (or dollars) make a difference?
  9. What other organizations in our community are doing similar work and how are you different?
  10. How are you collaborating with them?

Can you rattle off the answers right away? Could your board members do it?

If the answers don’t make your organization sound like a shining investment for a prospective corporate partner, donor, board member or foundation, carve out a plan of action! Tackle one at a time.

Remember, everyone at your organization is a potential “good impression” legend for you. You never know where the next donor or star board member will come from. Empower your team to be ambassadors!

Hint: All answers can be found in your profile online at www.thegivingpartner.org.

Have a great weekend.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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