Can Donors Find Real People On Your Website?

August 6, 2013

More donors, funders and interested citizens are headed over to The Giving Partner to learn about your organization and its impact. On your profile, they can locate information about your board leaders and staff.

Do you also make it easy to find your organization’s leaders and contacts on your website?

In the pre-Giving Partner days, our Foundation spent a lot more time exploring local nonprofit websites looking for key contacts. In some cases, it was difficult or impossible to locate the names and information for the executive director or key staff such as development or communications professionals.

To connect with specific individuals, we had to fill out what I call a “black hole” form, where we shared our names in a little box, our e-mail in another little box, and the reason for our contact in a third little box. “Fingers crossed; someone could receive this and e-mail us back!” we thought.

A “contact us” form on your website can be a useful tool for general inquiries. Keep it!

But imagine these situations as you think about your constituents and stakeholders…

  • A foundation trying to contact you about an important opportunity.
  • A donor wanting to discuss a potential major gift.
  • An attorney needing information for a client’s will.

Make sure the names of your leaders are easy to find, and importantly, that there is an easy way to contact them directly.


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