Rockin’ Robin: Tweeting Nonprofits in SW Florida

July 29, 2013

Roughly one-third of nonprofits with profiles in The Giving Partner have an organizational account on Twitter. Some of them are regularly maintained with dynamic 140 character updates that fuel interest in their missions.

If your organization is questioning the value of Twitter, wondering if anyone out there is even listening, know that tweeting is not only about getting your message out. It’s also about listening to what others are doing, sharing, talking about.

Social media tools are made for this.

Here is a list of local tweeting nonprofits with their Twitter handles.

If you haven’t done it already, create a free account on Twitter for yourself or your organization and start following others.

Who do you follow?

  • Other local nonprofits and coalitions.
  • Community leaders.
  • Local, state and federal government agencies.
  • Local funders.
  • National funders.
  • Local & national news organizations that report about philanthropy and social good.
  • Thought leaders who post about donor retention, nonprofit marketing or nonprofit innovation.
  • National nonprofits with your mission focus.

What are you looking for from your followers?

  • Knowledge and ideas that make you more informed about what’s working and not working in your field.
  • Local and national initiatives that involve the same populations your organization is serving.
  • Material that your organization can re-tweet or share with your clients, staff, board members or volunteers.

Reciprocity in social media can help you discover and build relationships online that can bloom into reliable sources of intelligence to help you in your work, and they can increase your network of trusted colleagues.

I have made some good discoveries on Twitter over the course of the last five or so years, using it to…

  • Meet speakers we eventually invited to our community for events.
  • Stay connected to community foundations and leaders from around the country who I have met or hope to meet at conferences.
  • Access the latest philanthropic trends that inform the work and thinking we need to stay innovative.

Sure, we share our work as well, but so much of the value in Twitter is in listening and learning.

How many local nonprofits are you connected to on Twitter? Let’s go for it, rockin’ robins.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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