Millennials Are Not Interested In Your Nonprofit If…

July 18, 2013

Derrick Feldmann’s recent visit to our community for the 2013 Fundraisers Forum helped us understand what is really important to Millennials if we want them to be involved in volunteering, giving or sharing messages about our nonprofits.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy just posted about some of his newest findings.

Here’s a checklist of what to do if you want to keep those Millennials far away from you.

  • Do not keep your website up-to-date.
  • Have a website that is not mobile-friendly.
  • Post lots of information about your organization but not tangible success stories.
  • Do not offer easy options for monthly giving.
  • Focus only on ways big donations can help, not what can be accomplished with smaller gifts.
  • Have little or no interest in social media.
  • Forget about ways raising money or volunteering for your cause can be developed into fun, social events.

What do you think? Is your organization building walls or making bridges to Millennial engagement?

Don’t forget to read “75 Percent of Young Donors Turned Off by Out-of-Date Websites.”  You will find lots of good stats to arm your fundraising and marketing strategies. You will also discover that making some enhancements to suit Millennials can be steps in the right direction for all of your donors as well.

GuideStar is working on making The Giving Partner more mobile friendly.

Meanwhile, remember there is a monthly giving option on every profile.  Keep your organization’s profile up-to-date, share those success stories, post your videos, and make sure the links to your social media sites take people to online locations that you are nurturing every chance you get.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County



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