Pick Two.

June 25, 2013

Remember when your organization attended the orientation for The Giving Partner?

We shared a lot of information with you. We know it. But we want bring you back to one really important idea.

It is the “you pick two” concept from the school cafeteria, pizza parlors and other assorted restaurants. Select your main entrée and any two sides (or toppings).

We want to know where you are with your nonprofit’s “two things” selected from the delicious variety of bite sized fields in The Giving Partner.

As you first moved through this exercise of developing a profile, it was kind of like a mini organizational self-assessment. You may have seen the big picture when it was completed: a snapshot of where your organization stood at that point in time.

Did you choose two or three really important things to improve, expand or develop over the year?

Perhaps you need a conflict of interest policy. Your fundraising plan could still be “under development.” Maybe your board wants to shoot for a higher board meeting attendance rate or boost board member giving to 100%.

The fact is, it’s almost JULY. How did that happen?  At this mid-year point, consider the progress your organization has made in building greater capacity.

What will you be improving or saying “yes” to when it’s time for your annual profile update?

Let us know how we can help. We’re here to support you.


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