Planet Philanthropy: Congrats & Some Giving Partner Kudos

June 11, 2013

planet philanthropy

Mote Marine Laboratory’s Nadine Slimak Presents a Case Study on the 36-Hour Giving Challenge

More than a few heads will be compliant in plopping right down on pillows tonight, as the organizers of Planet Philanthropy take a break from the excitement, details and elbow grease of making this state-wide event possible.

Hats off to Jennifer Vigne and the hardworking conference team with AFP’s Florida Caucus who arranged for a meaningful two days of philanthropic education in Sarasota—attended by nonprofit staff and board members with fundraising responsibilities who live all over Florida.

Follow the Planet Philanthropy Twitter stream at #afp13pp to capture snippets of the valuable content from the breakout sessions, keynotes and networking events. You’ll find lots of good information there and might even feel like you were there.

A couple of big shout-outs from The Giving Partner:

  • Special thanks to Nadine Slimak, Communications Director of Mote Marine Laboratory, who shared a case study about Mote’s success in the 36-Hour Giving Challenge during her presentation, “Donor Relations or Public Relations? Content Management Matters.” How cool is that? We’re hoping she will come back and share more during our trainings for the May 2014 Giving Challenge.

  • Mark Brewer, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Central Florida, was one of the stars on this afternoon’s panel of grant makers. He talked about the value of nonprofit knowledge, transparency and programmatic impact available because of tools like the Knowledge Base (Central Florida’s version of The Giving Partner–the same GuideStar tool we are using here in Southwest Florida.)

    Access to knowledge that will help philanthropic investors make wise decisions about their giving is the value proposition, he said, and this is quickly becoming an important model for doing business in our sector. He’s right!

Congratulations to Jennifer Vigne, the speakers, sponsors, track deans, marketing folks and everyone who had a hand in the success of this event. You deserve some rest & relaxation!


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