Is Sarasota Really an All-America City?

June 1, 2013

allamericancityWe’re pretty sure of it. We love our community. We believe in the strength of our community. And we want to share it with the rest of America.

This past week, we had the opportunity to do that as we welcomed community foundations from San Diego, Boston, Oklahoma City, Bakersfield, New Haven, Sacramento, Lexington and other cities as we hosted GuideStar’s 2013 DonorEdge conference.

Each visiting foundation has its own version of The Giving Partner, used to connect with local nonprofits, provide in-depth information about causes to their donors and other funders, and inventory the incredible collective work of our sector.

Each of our visitors will no doubt take back experiences and share Sarasota with his or her community, including direct experiences with two fabulous Giving Partner organizations, Southeastern Guide Dogs and Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium.

A bigger spotlight for Sarasota is in the works this month.

Have you heard that Sarasota is one of only twenty communities around the country to be named a finalist for the All-America City Awards?

One of the three community-driven efforts shared in the application for this honor is Sarasota’s unique public-private partnership with the National Cemetery Administration to create Patriot Plaza at Sarasota National Cemetery and the Legacy of Valor campaign to honor veterans and their families. We owe our gratitude to The Patterson Foundation for these two treasures.

Many organizations with profiles in The Giving Partner are helping our veterans through resources, connections to work, therapy dogs and other services. How proud we should be!

Now let’s get to you. The biggest opportunity to spread Sarasota’s story far and wide is with your participation:

  1. Follow #AllAmericaCity Awards on Twitter.
  2. Tweet images showcasing why you love Sarasota and use the #AllAmericaCity hashtag.
  3. Join the community rally on Tuesday, June 11 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Riverview High School.

We need you to share your excitement for Sarasota at this event to help send off the Sarasota County delegation to the All-America City Awards in Denver.

For all of you tweeters out there, go for it with all of your might. Post, share, re-tweet those #AllAmericaCity tweets.

Thank you for making Sarasota so special.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Read more about the All-American City Awards on The Patterson Foundation’s blog.


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