Our Friends in Oklahoma, Hearts and Heads Together

May 21, 2013

Not too long ago, we were sharing a suggested vehicle for philanthropy in response to the Boston Marathon bombings.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Today Facebook, Twitter, online news, television and radio will no doubt continue to populate with images and stories that make our hearts long to help after yesterday’s tornado in Oklahoma.

Like The Boston Foundation, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is also one of the sixteen GuideStar DonorEdge communities using its version of The Giving Partner, GiveSmartOKC, to inform donors about choices for giving.

We know you want to reach those who really need your help. We encourage you to thoroughly check out any organization before making a contribution. When emotions are running the show, it’s easy to forget that scams and ineffective programs are around.

At this time, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation recommends supporting American Red Cross, Central and Western Oklahoma Region or the Salvation Army of Central Oklahoma.

We know that giving is always very personal.

You may want to help a particular group such as displaced pets or emergency service volunteers. Perhaps you want to wait and see if special funds are set up in the near future. Whatever is near and dear to you, take some time to investigate before you give.

Now, we know what a caring community we live in. Our colleagues from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation will be here in Sarasota next week for the GuideStar DonorEdge annual conference. What can we do to give them an especially warm welcome?


2 Responses to “Our Friends in Oklahoma, Hearts and Heads Together”

  1. Cheryl Herbold Says:

    Barbecue at the beach! Rent the Siesta Pavilion and hire a BBQ outfit to do some pork and smoke some mullet (Alday’s does smoked mullet really well). It’s so peaceful at the beach in the evening – can’t be beat!

  2. […] The preceding is a cross-post  on the Giving Partner Blog by the Community Foundation of Sarasota, GuideStar DonorEdge Learning Community member and host of next week’s DonorEdge Learning Community 2013 Annual Meeting. You can read the original post here. […]

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