Do Your Know What Your Organization’s 5 Greatest Needs Are?

May 8, 2013

Donors and funders can take a look at your nonprofit profile in The Giving Partner and know its five greatest needs right away.

Reviewing quite a few profiles over the last year with our donors, foundation staffers have noted what is most helpful for them:

  • Bullet points–easy to read.
  • Specific needs–easy to understand how a contribution will make a difference.
  • Specific dollar amounts–easy to figure out how much to give.

We understand that listing these may not be an easy exercise, but it’s a good one.

Do your executive director and fundraising director agree about your greatest needs? Do your board members agree?

After you refresh your list, make sure your board members can articulate your needs. Give them updates at every board meeting.  Believe me, this will help them as they talk about your organization to people in the community…or perhaps when they run into funders at a social event or meeting!

Have you applied for a grant lately? We hope the funding you are seeking matches one of the needs listed on your profile. It looks a little strange if there isn’t alignment, right?

Once you make The Giving Partner part of your routine, reflecting organizational changes in your profile becomes like second nature to you. And you help all of us stay in the loop about what your nonprofit needs most.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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