Is Your Nonprofit Saying Yes to More Salad and No to Oreos?

April 2, 2013

My favorite part of this salad is not the lettuce.

My favorite part of this salad is not the lettuce.

After a surprising visit to the doctor’s office, a member of our household recently discovered that we need to radically change the way we have been doing things.

You guessed it: exercise consistently, stop eating out so much, get rid of the Oreos and white bread, and live the life of a saint–denying any temptations.

Newsflash, right?

One interesting question about this little health predicament: It’s nearly impossible not to know that exercise and a low-sugar diet are important for good health, so why weren’t we following the prescription until the daunting news hit us in the face? Hello-ooo.

Let’s talk about your organization’s health. Are you living on unplanned meals and little strategic exercise? Take it from us– sourdough bread, cheese, and movie popcorn with butter adds up after a while.

The Giving Partner has not imposed requirements for plans, policies or consistent messaging on local nonprofits, but by asking certain questions and making the knowledge available to the public, we are hopefully offering a little nudge toward more intentionality in planning and sustainability.

Use your profile in The Giving Partner as a check-up.

Written plans provide a pathway for your board and staff to make your programs, funding and communications work well and, at minimum, avoid crises. They also give important direction about what you agree to say “no” to–like those double stuffed Oreos–when you already have enough programs on your plate.

Before a serious issue comes your way–like a CEO departing (planned or unplanned), income being depleted when a primary funding source unexpectedly dries up, or your board members dwindling down to a mere few–consider what you can do now and then do it.

Whether you are working on your own or with the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Gulf Coast Community Foundation or The Patterson Foundation (for conversations about collaboration), our community is unique in the number of resources available to you.

Have you selected two or three items to work on for better health this year?  No matter how fit you are, fine-tuning keeps your healthy conversation going. Let us know how we can help.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County

P.S.  I nearly went wild to get to the croutons on my salad today. …And I also found a hidden stash of Hershey kisses in my office. New habits take a little time, right?


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