The Story of Manatee Glens Stepping Up to the Challenge

March 11, 2013

manatee glensIt was a tall order, even for the amazing judges in charge of the Best Overall Campaign decision for the 36-Hour Giving Challenge.  Carrie Rasmussen (Herald-Tribune Media Group), Bryan Kelly (Clear Channel), and Sandi Wall (Comcast) deliberated over the array of creative and successful campaigns submitted last Thursday.

People dressed up, videos were posted and shared thousands of times, Mario visited us courtesy of Community Youth Development, famed VP of Advancement Tom Waters was moonlighting as Gilly the Shark for Mote Marine, and there was a lot of dancing involved–Harlem Shake-style–with Arts & Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County, the Cat Depot, and others.

We also enjoyed Phil King and the Phunky Philanthropists performing Facebook concerts on behalf of the Glasser-Schoenbaum Human Services Center.

Ultimately a unanimous decision was made by the three judges. Manatee Glens was pronounced winner of the Best Overall Campaign in the 36-Hour Giving Challenge.

Its “Stepping Up” campaign raised awareness about sexual assault and the organization’s important role in awareness, prevention and rape crisis programs. Campaign elements included a fun run/walk, videos, photos of community members and business partners wearing tennis shoes and special shoelaces demonstrating their support, statistics on sexual assault shared via social media, and a fully engaged board and staff.

Judges said this:

The strength of the awareness campaign was significant — prior to engaging through the Giving Challenge, none of the committee was even aware that the organization handled rape crisis treatment, only knew of the substance abuse treatment.

We think that the opportunities they utilized to shore up their staff engagement, to ensure their board participation and to reinforce their important partnership with the Sheriff’s office stood out to not only raise the value of the organization in the eyes of their community but also to bolster this organization from this day forward. 

We were impressed with their social media engagement as well.  We think the strength of this campaign shows every sign of motivating this team to be one of your top contenders in financially next year.

Hats (and shoelaces) off to Manatee Glens. Check out some of their media here:

Stepping Up! (Manatee Glens Staff Video, Celebrating the Challenge)
Janet Ginn, Thank You  (Video Ending the Challenge)
3 Photo Albums on Facebook

We thank all of those bold enough to enter their campaign in the “Best Of” category. The only losers out there would be those who sulk about the results. But we know they don’t exist among these participating nonprofits.

Whether or not a campaign was selected as the finalist, the increased awareness and fun involved were hopefully significant for the team players. Both came out in full force for the community.


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