What will success look like in the 36-Hour Giving Challenge?

March 1, 2013

allinthis togetherThe 36-Hour Giving Challenge is an incredible opportunity for our community to engage in philanthropy together.

As much as we want you to enjoy the experience and your vital role in making it possible, we understand the accompanying stress that can be involved for you. We feel it too!

Inquiring minds want to know if we will get to the $2.4 million mark again, how quickly $1 million will appear on the Leaderboard, and all kinds of other details we cannot predict.

You may be thinking, “Will our nonprofit’s donors get matched?” “What if our Internet connection is slow that morning?” “Where will our organization sit on the Leaderboard?”

From the big picture perspective, our community is in the midst of a fabulous experience together. You are part of it because your organization took the time to create a profile in The Giving Partner and had the guts to get up there on the Leaderboard.

If you asked me to share what personally mattered to me, of course (in all honesty) I want us to exceed last year’s unbelievable display of generosity.

But I also see success being demonstrated in ways that are already bright and clear before the Challenge has begun:

  • Board members are stepping up to meet personal commitments to giving.
  • Businesses are aligning their brands and values with the nonprofits important to them…because you asked them to join you.
  • There is great energy and enthusiasm surrounding the joint work in preparing your campaigns, videos, photos, Facebook sharing. We have seen people posting from all over the world, and no matter what happens, your own team and supporters are coming together for this experience.
  • You are refining the key messages that tell the story of your important work.
  • We see you growing your social media presence and new connections through the power of networks.
  • You are strengthening existing connections with people aligned with your mission, wanting to share their support of you during the Challenge because your organization is so important to them.
  • Your team is rooting for you!
  • We are rooting for you!

Thank you for trusting in this process. Now let’s support each other and get ready with our final preparations.

We can all rest in the knowledge of our individual and group efforts to build community. You have worked so hard, now let’s enjoy next week!

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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