Three Things to Do During the 36-Hour Giving Challenge

February 26, 2013

givingchallengeOne week from today, at the time this blog post is published, the 36-Hour Giving Challenge will begin. We hope you’re ready!

Once the Giving Challenge starts next Tuesday, March 5 at 7:00 a.m., your nonprofit will want to engage in these three action items:

  1. Thank your donors.
    Use the link we will be sending you later this week to acknowledge the generous donors who have entrusted you with their contributions. Share your appreciation. Update them on your progress to keep them abreast of the good news. Let them know how their donations will help your nonprofit carry out its important work.
  2. Watch the Leaderboard and adjust your strategy accordingly.
    Monitor the number of gifts and total number of dollars you receive. Use this information to share your gratitude and motivate your supporters in real-time via social media and e-mail. Deploy your social media ambassadors–staff and volunteers who can pass along your messages on their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts–to increase your reach. Everyone likes to share in the moment, be part of the excitement. You can get them there!
  3. Watch The Giving Partner on Facebook to check for special announcements and reminders about grant incentives.
    This is our way of communicating with you during the Challenge. You will miss some things if you do not tune in.

Finally, enjoy it! Whether it is your goal to raise $100,000 or to receive gifts from a few new supporters, know that you are part of a truly exciting moment for our community.



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