“Generous Man” and Other Creative Campaigns Are Driving Excitement for the 36-Hour Giving Challenge

February 25, 2013

We live in a community of writers, photographers, dancers, singers and big thinkers.  They are our nonprofits’ patrons, staff members, board members, volunteers and business partners.

Tapping into these cultural and creative assets is something we know how to do, and dozens of nonprofits are bringing it all together for increased visibility and success in the 36-Hour Giving Challenge.

We thank them for their guts, resourcefulness and willingness to go “out there” for their cause. We are loving it!

Be sure to follow these organizations online–you will find links to their Facebook pages and websites on their profiles in The Giving Partner.

Let’s hear it for those going for the $5,000 grant for the “Best Overall Campaign.”

Carrie Rasmussen, Herald-Tribune Media Group’s marketing manager, and Bryan Kelly, Clear Channel’s director of sales, are judging the “Best Overall Campaign” for us. We should mention that both of them are tremendous media partners for the 36-Hour Giving Challenge as well.

The Herald-Tribune is the premier media sponsor of the 36-Hour Giving Challenge, providing very generous promotional space (full run) to share this opportunity with our community. With ads leading up to the Challenge and during the Challenge, both print and online, it will be hard to stay in the dark about this event. Clear Channel’s generosity will span five radio stations and provide incredible coverage in our local market and beyond. We are so grateful for such community-minded media partners that share a commitment to charitable organizations.


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