Capitalize on Increased Awareness

February 24, 2013

Most organizations have set financial goals for the 36-Hour Giving Challenge. It is wise to do so to better match the resources you contribute to the effort with the ultimate results you hope to see.

Don’t forget about the incredible “awareness” opportunity you have before you.

While the world is watching, tell us what you do so well and how! Shine the light on yourself.  Inform your existing stakeholders about little known services and programs you offer to the community and educate the rest of us about why your organization is so vital.

The city-owned Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall hosts thousands of people for concerts and other performances throughout the year. How many of these visitors are familiar with the programs for school children, teachers and the community made possible through The Van Wezel Foundation, a 501(c)(3) with a profile in The Giving Partner?

The two are partnering for greater impact during the Challenge. Through joint marketing, they hope to increase awareness about the millions of dollars of support over the years that have made the following possible:

  • Integrative arts education programs for teacher workshops
  • School-time Performance Program
  • Bus services for school students to attend performances
  • Master classes and artist workshops
  • Community Outreach program
  • Total Access Program
  • Any Given Child Program

As Van Wezel Foundation’s director of development Michele Strauss shares, “We are two separate organizations working towards a common goal which is to enrich lives through the performing arts.”

“Our partnership as a united front serves to make us stronger. Working directly with the Hall on the 36 Hour Giving Challenge solidifies and deepens that relationship. It makes us aware that we can accomplish anything by working together.”

It will also help bring the public up to speed about the enriching programs our educators, children and community receive with generous donor support.

Every nonprofit participating in the 36-Hour Giving Challenge has an important story to share.  It’s told in your profile in The Giving Partner, a GuideStar tool that helps donors make more informed decisions about their philanthropy. Now share your story and soak up the spotlight!

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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