Bring It Home, But Be Kind to Yourself This Week

February 24, 2013



Tick tock, tick tock. There’s a week left to finish our preparations for the 36-Hour Giving Challenge.

We are getting more excited every day  as we see more of your promotions on social media and hear more of your plans to engage your supporters and recruit new ones.

As time creeps up on us, I have received a few panicked e-mails from staff at participating nonprofits with last-minute questions and concerns, just wanting to get it right.The kind of stress an event like this inspires is the good kind, excitement, but we know it can also make you a little anxious with the great unknown of how things will shake out.

Earlier this month, Manatee Glens accepted an invitation from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County to lead a one-hour presentation on Stress Management for us.  Cathy Wilson, LMHC reviewed the three key stages of stress: stress arousal, energy conservation, and exhaustion. What a coincidence! Exactly what I experienced in last year’s 36-Hour Giving Challenge.

It was supercharged, super fun, and super big for our community, but goodness–it was a ride that kept me on edge.

On Facebook last Thursday at around 10 p.m., we asked how many of you were still up working. About 19 people “liked” our post within the next couple of hours.  Your days probably started early in the morning, and there you were, still plugging away. Science hasn’t been able to generate 28 hours in a single day, and the prospects aren’t looking too good.

We know that time management is an important part of stress management, as is eating healthy and exercising, but what else can you do?

Here are some ideas from Cathy that are at your disposal for this week and next:

  • Show gratitude to your staff and team. They will respond positively.
  • Laugh. Your sense of humor is a great way to combat stress by helping you relax.
  • See the glass half-full and encourage others to do the same.
  • Make time for the things enjoy.
  • Host a staff potluck where you can gather and connect with your colleagues, minus an “official” agenda.

Finally, model the behavior of taking good care of yourself. (As I type it, I remind you that these are Cathy Wilson’s words–I’m not the best role model!)

Enjoy your week, friends.

WE appreciate you!  And many thanks to the staff of Manatee Glens for being there for us.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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