36-Hour Giving Challenge: Local Businesses Are Bringin’ It!

February 22, 2013

achieving moreIntegrating our local business community into the mix of the 36-Hour Giving Challenge was one of our goals this year.

To get the juices flowing with possibilities, we placed a $5,000 grant on the table for the nonprofit with the “best” partnership with a business. We are seeing some really special relationships emerging.

Some of the ways businesses are helping their nonprofit partners achieve more than they could alone:  designing creative materials and videos pro bono, promoting organizations to their customers during the 36-hour period, donating a percentage of net income from sales during the Challenge, and hosting video contests related to the organization’s mission.

And although funding is a major goal for most nonprofits in the Challenge, building awareness and support for important causes comes in many forms and is just as meaningful in the long-term.

Nothing can top the way relationships are being built and solidified between nonprofits and the generous businesses involved.

Here are the nonprofits and their business partners:

When we think of how generous our community is, let’s give full credit to the business owners who are willing to step up for their favorite causes. Way to go!

A few members of the editorial team at Sarasota Magazine’s Biz941, lead by Susan Burns, are judging. We thank them in advance for their time and effort. Stay tuned post-Challenge; the competition is tight! Let’s see how the results shake out in the end.


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