February 7, 2013

Local foundations supporting the 36-Hour Giving Challenge are excited and proud to offer Southwest Florida an opportunity to make philanthropy accessible for people of all means, drive attention to the hard work your nonprofit has dedicated to its profile in The Giving Partner, and involve our entire community in giving.

gravyThese are the overarching goals of the 36-Hour Giving Challenge.

We hope you can use this digital campaign as a way to…

  • reach out to new potential supporters
  • engage existing supporters as ambassadors
  • gather your social media might
  • enlist the creativity and resources of your team and extended team
  • develop a specific goal–however small or large–and plan a thoughtful plan of attack

The intention isn’t for the Challenge to replace your annual appeal, support your entire operating budget for the year, or overtake effective and traditional means of raising support.

A fully developed fundraising plan–including all of the “typical” and experimental tactics that support the overall goals and strategies to fund your mission–is always paramount.

Working your Challenge donors into the fold of your annual giving campaign on up to major gifts in the future is a process you already know how to handle, and if not, what a great time to begin!

You develop and sustain one-on-one relationships with donors for good with thoughtful communication and stewardship, expressing sincere gratitude, offering opportunities for personal involvement, and listening to their needs.

It’s a year-round process that doesn’t end with a thank you note, but that sure is a good place to start.


-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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