Are your sights set on the $5,000 grant for profile visits?

February 6, 2013

crowdOne of our major Giving Challenge objectives is to showcase your profiles in The Giving Partner–yes, the ones you have worked so hard to develop.

If your organization is going for one of the four $5,000 grants for the most profile views, here are some tips:

  • Definitely use the power of social networking to reach people outside of your circles. Visits to your profile in The Giving Partner count whether they originated from links shared on Facebook, Twitter, an e-mail, barcode, etc. You will be most successful if you can inspire your supporters to share it on their pages and profiles.
  • Make it fun and rewarding for people to click on your link. Think about conducting your own “treasure hunt” where your organization encourages supporters to discover something special like a need or a board member’s name on your profile. Use your creativity.
  • The “uniqueness” is based on IP address, so one person cannot sit at a computer and click on your profile 37 times to be counted repeatedly. You may want to visit each of the two days of the Challenge, however.
  • Yes, clicks to your profile from a smart phone count.

Last year, Community Youth Development received one of the $5,000 grants for this incentive. Here’s how they did it.

Important thing to remember: this prize is all about visits to your profile in The Giving Partner, not your donation page on the Giving Challenge site.

Your donation page on the Challenge site will include a link to your Giving Partner profile. If you’re going for this grant incentive you will want to be proactive about it by sending your supporters a direct link to your profile as well. If you need help, just ask!


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