Online Giving: Small But Growing

February 5, 2013

clickhereThis morning is alive with chatter about the newly released Charitable Giving Report for 2012, a publication of Blackbaud. You’ll find lots of gems when you download it, but I wanted to draw your attention to findings regarding online giving.

The 36-Hour Giving Challenge is right around the corner, and though you can certainly accept checks, cash and whatever forms of funding generous donors want to give your organization, only credit/debit cards can be accepted online as an official part of the Challenge. It is, in a sense, a mega online giving event.

If you are a nonprofit staff or board member who thinks your chips are down because your organization doesn’t typically have many online givers, know that online giving–with all the hoopla we hear about it–still accounts for a very small percentage of overall giving.

According to Blackbaud’s report based on 3,144 nonprofits in its analysis, online giving grew by about 11% in 2012 compared to 2011, not too shabby when you know that overall giving only grew by 1.7%.  Despite how exciting the growth may seem, online fundraising represented a mere 7% of all giving in 2012.

All of this knowledge gives you one more reason to look at the 2013 Giving Challenge as a grand opportunity to give your supporters a chance to dip their toes in the online giving waters–an easy, fun and exciting way to participate in philanthropy. After they join you, it’s up to you to cultivate them in all the ways you can to hold on to them as long-term supporters of your mission.

Download Blackbaud’s report. It’s a good read that includes sector-specific information as well as breakdowns by small, medium and large organizations.

-Susie Bowie
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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