Giving Partner New Year’s Resolution #2: Help Me Find You

January 3, 2013

seekLet’s get real about your Giving Partner profile. If you go through the comprehensive process of creating the profile for your organization but don’t take the steps to ensure stakeholders can find it, your hard work will not be fully recognized.

Let me give you an example. At the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, a donor came in the door asking for a list of organizations that serve veterans. A search in The Giving Partner yielded only a few of the organizations with specific programs serving this population.

You have a great gift before you. It’s called The Opportunity to Choose Your Own Keywords. You see, when you’re a donor, a prospective board member, a foundation staff person or a reporter, you can use the “Advanced Search” feature to find organizations that match your charitable passion.

What words are guaranteed to bring your organization front and center in the search feature?

  • Words in the name of your organization
  • Words in your mission statement
  • Words you list in the “keywords” field

Here’s how to strengthen your keywords and make the right choices yield your organization in a search:

  1. Go to your Giving Partner profile and find the Statements and Search Criteria section.
  2. Find the “keywords” field toward the bottom.
  3. Consider words describing specific populations you serve, issues you address, and the programs your organization offers. (Caution: don’t go too crazy by using generalities that would apply to any nonprofit. Not only will it “crowd” the search results, but it won’t help your organization.)
  4. Enter your new keywords and re-submit your profile for publishing.

By the way, identifying and making good use of keywords is an excellent exercise for increasing the SEO—search engine optimization—of your nonprofit’s website. Learn more about that here, courtesy of Kivi Leroux Miller’s Nonprofit Marketing Guide blog.

Need help with your keywords for The Giving Partner? E-mail Susie@CFSarasota.org. If you’ve updated your profile with this change or others, don’t forget to let us know or resubmit your profile for republishing.

Final word: Help donors and others find you! It is a responsibility to your nonprofit, and it’s also a great opportunity for YOU to choose what words best represent your mission in this community.

-Susie Bowie
Director of Nonprofit Strategy
Community Foundation of Sarasota County


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