It’s All About Balance

February 7, 2012

TIME CoverWe introverts have gotten some good press lately. As you can imagine, I’m a little conflicted about the attention.

It was refreshing to read last week’s cover story in TIME, “The Upside of Being an Introvert.”  And a PR Daily post around the same time urged companies to nourish their introverts. In an extroverted world, these and other pieces they referenced make a strong case for finding some balance on the introvert-extrovert spectrum to maximize creativity, innovation, and effectiveness within an organization.

So, what’s this got to do with The Giving Partner? I think this new tool, in its from and its function, can produce some of that needed balance for those that use it. And before I lose you, extroverts, I think it can help you get exactly the kind of attention you seek for your organization.

At first blush, completing your profile might seem tailored to an introvert’s strong suits: Thoughtfully pull together all of your organization’s critical data. Methodically enter and update it, dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. Hopefully, gain some insights in the process, like patterns to build on or gaps to fill in making your organization stronger. And finish with a more complete picture of what you do than community members have ever seen before.

But let me caution (of course!) against thinking this exercise is strictly for the introvert. Consider just a few of the ways that The Giving Partner empowers the extroverted side of your operation:

  • Invest some time to complete your full profile, and you’ll free up your time in the long run—with grant applications, for example, as funders (and your own staff) have easy access to key information.
  • While you’re out on the street, you’ll always have an online case for support to which you can direct the people you meet. Savvy donors who do their own research will find it too.
  • You’ll also gain the kind of third-party credibility that you want people to know about.

At Gulf Coast Community Foundation, we pride ourselves on proaction—on being out of the office and on the move, tackling important issues before they become insolvable problems. But our commitment to stewardship also demands exacting attention to detail and painstaking discipline. These two needn’t be at odds; rather, they must be in balance if we’re to be as effective as we can at what we do.

I think The Giving Partner can help you find that kind of balance. It provides a firm foundation of rich information to underpin the heroic work you are out there doing in our community. And for smaller shops and limited budgets, it’s a great leveler too, putting your organization, its goals, and its achievements on an equal (online) platform with others for the entire community to see.

-Greg Luberecki
Director of Marketing and Communications
Gulf Coast Community Foundation